AAF Spokane connects members to each other through ongoing programs and events that strengthen our advertising community. We match students to employers, working professionals to one another, business to business and vendors to buyers, with the purpose of enhancing member careers, business and overall success in this field. As we come together in an inclusive community, emphasizing connection rather than competition, our entire advertising community benefits. 


A strong and positive community of advertising professionals begins with integrity and trust. AAF Spokane works to nurture and encourage each other to be members of character and positive representatives of the advertising field. Together, we uplift each other and hold each other accountable to be the most thoughtful, inclusive and honest people we can be.


AAF Spokane provides an environment where members — from students to seasoned professionals — can embrace learning and growth that builds personal and professional confidence. We present opportunities to gain new skills and reinforce best practices through speakers, events and volunteer service.


Our local board works together to formulate club goals to best serve our membership as well as the greater Spokane advertising and creative community.


Angela Schutz

Executive Director

Carl Heidle

Past President

Heidle Designs

Skyler Noble

Communications Chair

Spokane Public Library

Andrea Parrish


Tinytall Consulting


Dashawn Bedford

Member at Large

B & B Pro Video

Dakota Goldman

Awards Co-Chair

Padrino Events

Sarah Brown


Small Business Coach

Anna Hayes

Awards Co-Chair

22 Rooms

Jeff Fijolek

Programs Chair

Edible Inland Northwest

Melanie Walter


Sarah Gephart

NIC Student Liaison

Ashleigh Hughes

SFCC Student Liaison

Philippe Valle

Internship Chair

North Idaho College

2020-2021, Jennifer Fanto, FFW
2019-2020, Rick Hosmer, Klündt | Hosmer
2018-2019, Linda Jones, DH
2016-18, Tyler Tullis, DH
2015-16, Jean Klündt, Klündt | Hosmer 
2013-15, Annie Quisenberry, Quisenberry Marketing & Design 
2011-13, Patrick O’Brien, Washington Trust Bank  
2009-11, Mellie Price, Global Credit Union 
2007-09, Carl Heidle, Quisenberry Marketing & Design 
2005-07, Dean Davis, Dean Davis Photography 
2004-05, Jason Johnston, Johnston Printing 
2003-04, John Cartwright, Sunset Outdoor 
2002-03. Jill Lamb, Spokane Transit Authority 
2001-02, Ed Renouard, Renouard Associates 
2000-01, Lisa Poole, Citadel Communications 
1999-00, Bonnie Tapscott, Lamar Outdoor Advertising 
1998-99, Coleen Quisenberry, Quisenberry Marketing & Design 
1997-98, Marc Dahlstrom, North by Northwest Productions 
1996-97, Barb Beddor, Star USA 
1995-96, Bill Robinson, Robinson Research 
1994-95, Steve Westphal, The Spokesman Review 
1993-94, Bob Runkle, WhiteRunkle Associates 
1992-93, John Robideaux, Robideaux & Associates 
1991-92, Dan Grady, The Spokesman-Review 
1990-91, Mike Fillman, United Way of Spokane County 
1989-90, Linda Kerr Kuhns, KREM 
1988-89, Shaun Higgins, The Spokesman-Review 
1987-88, Joyce Cameron, Planned Parenthood 
1986-87, Joe Piedmont 
1985-86, Jack White, Clark White & Associates 
1984-85, Ron Hardin, KXLY 
1983-84, Bill Burke, Burke Marketing 
1982-83, Teri Little, United Specialty Advertising 
1981-82, Kip Nedved, Nedved Advertising 
1980-81, Jude Onthank, 
1979-80, Donna Lipe, Quinn-Lipe Advertising
1978-79, Jerry Shackette
1977-78, Norm Kilgore
1976-77, Chuck Hennessey, Hennessey-Smith Funeral Home 
1975-76, Larry Gants, KHQ 
1974-75, Ken Degerness, Degerness & Associates 
1973-74, John Troyer 
1972-73, Bob Thompson 
1971-72, William Mitchell 
1970-71, Chuck Kroetch 
1969-70, Thomas Hogan 
1968-69, Loris Winn 
1967-68, Chet Hall 
1966-67, Dean Seaton 
1965-66, W.A. Jaehn 
1964-65, Ralph Shotwell 
1963-64, Don McEachran 
1962-63, Bryant Rooney 
1961-62, Bob Lewis 
1960-61, Paul Carter 
1959-60, Tony Osborne 
1958-59, Harold Anderson & Harold Hodge 
1957-58, Stanley Ross 
1956-57, C.H. Talbot 
1955-56, Randall K. Johnson 
1954-55, Hal Bacon 
1953-54, Clement Stearns 
1952-53, William Ogle 
1951-52, William Rhodes 
1950-51, William Rhodes 
1949-50, Kimball Jack 
1948-49, Grover Wilson 
1947-48, A.J. Sartori 
1946-47, William Peters 
1945-46, G.C. MacCallum 
1944-45, G.C. MacCallum 
1943-44, Carol Hoffman


Our board welcomes professionals and students, in various positions, to help the creative community grow, by planning events, workshops, and much more!


A 60+ year tradition of recognizing top industry leaders for their contributions to advertising and the Spokane community.

Sarah Clifford

2023 Ad Pro of the Year

2021, Carl Heidle
2018, Jesse Pierpoint, Seven2
2017, Ryan Stemkoski, Zipline Interactive
2016, Rick Hosmer, Klündt | Hosmer Design 
2015, Tyler Lafferty, Seven 2
2014, Mellie Price, Global Credit Union
2013, Jean Klündt, Klündt | Hosmer Design 
2012, Shawn Davis, Zipline Interactive 
2011, Nick Murto, Seven2 Interactive 
2010, Greg Stiles, Spokane Falls Community College 
2009, Kosta Panidis, Clear Channel Radio 
2008, Dean Davis, Dean Davis Photography 
2007, Ed Miller, Miller White Runkle 
2006, Coleen Quisenberry, Quisenberry Marketing & Design 
2005, Darin Klündt, Klündt | Hosmer Design 
2004, CK Anderson, Anderson Mraz Design 
2003, Steve Johnston, Johnston Printing 
2002, Mark Dahlstrom, North By Northwest 
2001, John Baechlor, Hanna & Associates 
2000, John Mraz, Anderson Mraz Design 
1999, Dayne Hanna, Hanna & Associates 
1998, Bill Robinson, Robinson Research 
1997, Don Hamilton, Hamilton Photography & Film 
1996, Joyce M. Cameron, American Red Cross 
1995, Bob Runkle, WhiteRunkle 
1994, John Robideaux, Robideaux & Associates 
1993, Toni Robideaux, Robideaux & Associates 
1992, Al LaCom, KXLY TV. 
1991, Ed Clark, Clark White & Associates 
1990, Chuck Birmingham, KHQ TV 
1989, Bill Burke, Burke Marketing
1988, Shaun O.L. Higgins, The Spokesman-Review
1987, Jack C. White, Clark White Associates 
1986, Ray Lawton, Lawton Printing
1985, Bob Coons, Boulevard Consulting 
1984, Linda Kerr Kuhns, KREM-TV 
1983, Frank Schoonover, Washington Mutual 
1982, Birney J. Blair 
1981, Jude Onthank 
1980, Jerry Shackette 
1979, Harold E. Hodge 
1978, Larry Gants, KHQ 
1977, Donna Lipe, Quinn-Lipe Advertising 
1976, Dean Woodring 
1975, Florence Petheram 
1973, Maurice Hickey 
1972, William L. Hart 
1971, Ken Degerness, Degerness & Associates 
1969, R.H. “Bob” Lewis 
1968, Keith Oka 
1967, Bryant Rooney, Markham Outdoor Advertising 
1966, C.H. “Tiny” Talbot 
1965, Thomas Hogan 
1964, Robert Showacre 
1963, Virgil Warren 
1962, Paul Cartier 
1961, Marie Ferrell 
1960, Gilbert Swanson 
1959, Robert Sprague 
1958, Arthur Madsen 
1957, Hal Bacon 
1956, Randall Johnson

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