Be a part of raising awareness and supporting an amazing cause!

Let’s CREATE together between October 21-23! You will have 48 hours to compete and create marketing materials for Women Helping Women Fund, a local nonprofit dedicated to removing barriers for women and children to succeed in our community.


Whether you are a student or an industry pro, this is a great opportunity to flex your creative skills and collaborate for a good cause! On October 21, we will meet in person to discuss details of the event and spend October 22 and 23 creating materials virtually to bring something great to our friends at Women Helping Women Fund. 


Register to participate with early bird pricing before September 27, 2022! The final deadline to register for CREATE is October 21-23.


Have questions about CREATE? Email Mykel at


If you are interested in helping with our events, please send us a message, we would love to hear from you!

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