Communications & Marketing Coordinator / Greater Spokane Inc

Job Purpose:

Support the Greater Spokane Incorporated communications and marketing team and its strategies and tactics to advance key strategic initiatives and programs of the organization. Using a variety of websites and digital media (social, newsletters, blogs, etc) to convey GSI’s mission to lead transformative business and community initiatives to build a robust regional economy.

Essential Responsibilities:

The successful candidate for this role works well independently to accomplish tasks and can seamlessly shift to very collaborative work. The overall work is divided across the team, supporting each other to produce error-free writing, story development, and a variety of communications and materials that deliver value to GSI’s constituencies, including its member partners, investors, the Board of Trustees, government & elected officials, and the Spokane region.

This individual is great with technology and has the technical aptitude to self-learn and be curious about options to communicate a message. This person understands the value of media, placement, outreach, and dissemination, and can tell the difference between a “newsy” item or story and how it reflects the GSI brand and mission. This individual takes personal pride in the work he or she produces on behalf of GSI.


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