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What is an Ad Pro?

Annually, AAF Spokane recognizes one person as the Advertising Professional (Ad Pro) of the Year. For nearly sixty years, this award has recognized ad professionals for their contributions to the advertising industry and their position in the Spokane business community. AAF also honors the current recipient with their inclusion in a book honoring all Ad Pros from across the country that is distributed at the National conference each June.

Current Ad Pro

Rick Hosmer
Klündt | Hosmer

Ad Pro of the Year Winner for 2016

Nominate an Ad Pro

Please submit your name, how you may be contacted, your nominee’s name, and a qualifying statement explaining why you feel this person should be considered for the Advertising Professional of the Year.

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Ad Pro Criteria

Please nominate anyone from a member business who you feel has been a positive force within AAF Spokane, the community, and their company in local advertising and/or related fields.

This can be recognition for industry achievement or for someone who has just worked hard to make a difference. Please note, this is not intended to be a lifetime achievement award and should reflect the person’s recent activity as well as their involvement in AAF Spokane.

Nominees are accepted from the general membership with additional nominees submitted by the Ad Pro selection committee during the selection meeting. Also, nominees from the previous year are considered for the current year’s award.

The selection committee is made up of past Ad Pro recipients, one representative from the Board of Directors, and the Executive Director of AAF Spokane.

Past Ad Pros

AAF Spokane would like to thank all of these past Ad Pros for their commitment to AAF Spokane and our community.

2015, Tyler Lafferty, Seven 2
2014, Mellie Price, Global Credit Union
2013, Jean Klündt, Klündt | Hosmer Design
2012, Shawn Davis, Zipline Interactive
2011, Nick Murto, Seven2 Interactive
2010, Greg Stiles, Spokane Falls Community College
2009, Kosta Panidis, Clear Channel Radio
2008, Dean Davis, Dean Davis Photography
2007, Ed Miller, Miller White Runkle
2006, Coleen Quisenberry, Quisenberry Marketing & Design
2005, Darin Klündt, Klündt | Hosmer Design
2004, CK Anderson, Anderson Mraz Design
2003, Steve Johnston, Johnston Printing
2002, Mark Dahlstrom, North By Northwest
2001, John Baechlor, Hanna & Associates
2000, John Mraz, Anderson Mraz Design
1999, Dayne Hanna, Hanna & Associates
1998, Bill Robinson, Robinson Research
1997, Don Hamilton, Hamilton Photography & Film
1996, Joyce M. Cameron, American Red Cross
1995, Bob Runkle, WhiteRunkle
1994, John Robideaux, Robideaux & Associates
1993, Toni Robideaux, Robideaux & Associates
1992, Al LaCom, KXLY TV.
1991, Ed Clark, Clark White & Associates
1990, Chuck Birmingham, KHQ TV
1989, Bill Burke, Burke Marketing
1988, Shaun O.L. Higgins, The Spokesman-Review
1987, Jack C. White, Clark White Associates
1986, Ray Lawton, Lawton Printing

1985, Bob Coons, Boulevard Consulting
1984, Linda Kerr Kuhns, KREM-TV
1983, Frank Schoonover, Washington Mutual
1982, Birney J. Blair
1981, Jude Onthank
1980, Jerry Shackette
1979, Harold E. Hodge
1978, Larry Gants, KHQ
1977, Donna Lipe, Quinn-Lipe Advertising
1976, Dean Woodring
1975, Florence Petheram
1973, Maurice Hickey
1972, William L. Hart
1971, Ken Degerness, Degerness & Associates
1969, R.H. “Bob” Lewis
1968, Keith Oka
1967, Bryant Rooney, Markham Outdoor Advertising
1966, C.H. “Tiny” Talbot
1965, Thomas Hogan
1964, Robert Showacre
1963, Virgil Warren
1962, Paul Cartier
1961, Marie Ferrell
1960, Gilbert Swanson
1959, Robert Sprague
1958, Arthur Madsen
1957, Hal Bacon
1956, Randall Johnson